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Ode al Precariato Multietnico e Transgender

| lunedì 5 febbraio 2018


An Ode to the Multiethnic, Transgendered Precariat

Neoliberalism made its profits on the precariat’s back
now nazi-populism wants to turn the clock back
on the millennials’ untamed spirit of subversion
by quashing rebellion and persecuting migration:
nationalism is back and the left is held in check,
so we need a whole new anticapitalist hack!

nazis and fascists give people identity,
to vanquish the bastards in perpetuity
we need the class based on precarity!
europe is old and old people hate,
right-wing populism won’t disintegrate
unless social populism occupies the state:
a european republic of regions and city-states
against assimilation by christian nation-states!

not a world of magic, but a barricade against tragic
return of nationalism in the continent that spawned it;
since ’11 the precariat’s been fighting for world liberation:
it is on the side of women’s emancipation vs. male domination,
it needs constituent power to stop trump and putin’s aberration..

O precariat, rise from your slumber
and riot in multitudinous number:
you were neoliberalism’s early creation
in affinity groups u opposed globalization;

Now the times have changed for worse:
fascism is again riding history’s mad horse
from america to russia, from berlin to vienna
antifa is the last barricade vs racist gehenna!

Anarchists, feminists, ecologists
commonists, populists, socialists
must enter in broad alliance
with the precariat’s new defiance,
to dismantle neoliberalism
and defeat all nazi populists!
let’s overthrow unequal oligarchy
let’s defeat once for all patriarchy!!

May the 2011 revolution’s embers
spark your minds, guide your levers:
defeat the bosses in this game’s new levels
free and open europe from Warsaw to Paris;
we all gotta fight for real democracy,
welcome refugees, oppose eurocracy!
The signs of dystopia are all too clear
war n climate disaster are all too near,
but hey the people’s upswell never stops,
it will bury Ordoliberismus before it rots..

Alex Foti, Transmediale ’18